ORG! The Series

The “unusual” relationships that Ram is in right now is giving him the dilemma of a lifetime. His decisions might cause him to lose his passion in pursuing his dreams. What will he decide then?


Episode 1

Ram, Mike, Angelo, BJ and Marco are good friends, they often do unusual activities together. However, the change in Ram’s attitude made his friends deeply suspicious.


Episode 2

Ram’s focus is divided so that makes others curious because he kept his relationship a secret, who exactly is being loved by Ram. Will Ram soon introduce his heartthrob to Mike, Angelo, BJ and Marco.


Episode 3

Without Ram’s knowledge, the 4 friends managed to invite Nicko to do something “crazy”. Mike who does not agree with this crazy idea can only be silent. What will happen next?


Episode 4

Mike was worried about what he was doing and his friend would make Ram disappointed, Mike wanted this to be a secret without Ram’s knowledge. Meanwhile, Ram finally meets with Nicko after one week of no news. What are Ram and Nicko talking about?


Episode 5

The forbidden relationship between Nicko and his friends was finally discovered by Ram. Ram’s unstoppable anger finally was released to Nicko. Will Ram forgive Nicko for all his actions?


Episode 6

The conflict between Ram and Nicko could not be avoided, only the word sorry can come out of Nicko’s mouth, will Ram forgive Nicko? Or will their relationship end?


Episode 7

Relations between Ram and Nicko are getting better, dreams, ideals and all life ambitions are devoted to Nicko. But the problem does not stop there. What happens next?


Episode 8

After everything that happened, Ram almost gave up. But there was the figure of someone who had been known for a long time by Ram who managed to make Ram come back to get up and pursue all his dreams. Who is that person?

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